Developing a Research Question (Coursera Assignment)

Hello friends!

As I told in my last post, I have registered in an online course from which requires me to submit my answer by writing them on my blog page and then submitting the url of the same. So here is the first week: Developing the research question.

I have decided to select the NESARC codebook for the rest of my project. I have done so because I think it is more related to the problems of the society and its very essential to find the solutions of such problems.

Further, I have selected the topic of Tobacco use and its Dependence.

My research question is to study the association between variables (830) ‘usual frequency when used chewing tobacco’ and (863) ‘More than once try to stop/cut on tobacco use but found couldn’t do it’.

There must be some relation between the two variables and it is important to know the relationship because the frequency could affect the subject’s ability to stop consuming the tobacco, hindering the self rehabilitation process.

In the literature review I conducted, I found numerous websites and articles regarding the subject. Following are the few links to the useful articles:


What I found that it is extremely difficult to quit the habit if the frequency of consumption is very high.This is what I expect to conclude from the data I have in the coming weeks.

Looking for proceeding further.



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