A Creative comeback!

Hello friends!

Its been quite a while since I have updated this blog. I am in the final year of my engineering and so its kind of difficult for me to manage the platforms altogether. I am sorry for that.

But yes, I read a lot on wordpress, all those sweet poetries and articles that I encounter in my news feed from the blogs of my friends I have subscribed to. You guys are awesome writers. I mean it.

I was just starting a course on coursera.org (I assume you have heard of it before) on Data Analysis (field I am interested in) and it was yesterday when I realized what an awesome work these guys are doing.

Its just not about providing education to learners on digital platform. Its much more than that. Its about teaching and forcing people out of their comfort zone and teaching them how to learn.  Well, the course that I am doing has adopted a very clever way of submitting assignments.

Every student has to make a personal blog and upload his/her analysis and results on that blog and submit the link of the post! What an awesome idea!! So now you are not only teaching people data analysis but also how to establish your personal brand, promoting interaction, ability to initiate, and a hundreds of thousands of skills. I literally never imagined that this extent of learning could ever be possible.

So, for the next few weeks, I’ll be posting my solutions too on this blog, and I wanna request you, if you like what I am doing, please go and try for a online course of anything you are interested in! Its worth it.

Thanks a ton fellas!

See you soon and until next time,

All the very best.



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