Many Mistakes, even Egregious ones, are the Result of Ignorance!

In today’s world of social media as the principle method of communication (for the people of my age), chances that the individual on the other side has not fully understood you are very high. These differences, when accumulated over time, perhaps become the main reasons of lack of knowledge/understanding and leads to disparity. And again, not understanding that the basis of all this is misunderstanding, we lose relations, we lose people.

How to handle this?

When someone makes a decision that offends you, try to figure out whether the person was right to do this, in a way that is morally acceptable. If Yes, even if it is against your own self interest, it is you who is wrong, accept it and try to correct it, step your ego aside for a moment and apologize.

If No, realize that their actions are most likely to be based in ignorance. Firstly, know that in reality, nobody cares about you being offended, so stop getting offended, you are creating problems for no other but you. Try to clarify the situation, try to do everything that could be done to not make it worse. All your decisions should be taken in educational way and punishment should be the last option. You can actually always forgive people for their doings, not because they deserve it, but because you deserve it.

Become Free.


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