An Awesome Way of Work

What is your Dream? What do you aspire to be? What are you up to?

I want to be a master, a consummate artist, a maestro, a superior soul. And there are good chances that your answer to the above questions would be same. This is the way we are build, our brain is designed to lead, to raise the bar, but a less no. of people are able to achieve it.

A lot of ways are suggested every now and then to achieve success. One of the best way is to follow those smart people, to work the way they work in order to produce the result they produce. I follow a good number of successful and smart people including Tony Robbins, Simon Senek, Shah Rukh Khan, Sir Ken Robbinson, Pranav Mistry to name a few (list includes my elder brother).

One among them is Elon Musk, the great entrepreneur, who has revolutionized three industries. Recently I was reading about him somewhere and I found this. This is a part of the conversion he had when someone asked his suggestion about teaching. “I remember, the best teacher I ever had was my elementary school principal. Our math teacher quit for some reason and he decided to sub in himself for math and accelerate the syllabus by a year. We had to work like the house was on fire for the first half of the lesson and do extra homework, but then we got to hear stories of when he was a soldier in WWII. If you didn’t do the work, you didn’t get to hear the stories. And everybody did the work.

I think this is really a great strategy to work that has potential of transforming the whole generation. There is an urgent need to reform our education system, we cannot afford to lose talent just as we are currently losing. But such a huge transformation cannot take place at a fast pace. So we need to change our mindset and find other fixes like this one until some big change takes place.

Hoping for a better future.



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