A Computer Shortcut that Changed My Life!

I have a hard time remembering when I performed with my full potential not under any kind of deadline or pressure to finish work. What I realized a few days ago was that I was spending about 2 hours a day being non productive (when I was expecting the opposite). But what really freaked me out was the fact that I had no idea where the time was draining. So I just installed a program on my PC, called Rescuetime.

With continuous monitoring of my time spending habits on my PC (offline and online), I got to know that the time that I drained for almost half a year was drained nowhere, it just disappeared every day on sites and things I was not even conscious about. Just doing nothing (apparently not even wasting :P), but checking my fb timeline, youtube suggestions, and all that useless stuff. This was the problem. Solution??I obviated it in a clever way. I noticed that I used to click the home button on my browser after completing every small task, like reading an email, a post on a blog, updating my twitter, completing reading a page of any book and so on.. This home button would take me to the default page which in my case was google.com

home page

As I reached google, i used to start exploring the internet as usual which is pretty time consuming if you have got a lot of work to do. What I did to get rid of the cycle was that I replaced that shortcut with an e-learning website (edx.org). Now every time I pushed that home button, i was redirected to my dashboard showing how much work is pending which instantly changed my focus towards work. I tell u, an hour a day may seem to be not a lot of time at first, especially if you are spending your time on something you enjoy, but if you collect all those hrs for a week or for a month, that becomes an awful lot of time. A great thinker once said (not me) that just blows my mind:

If you work on something for an hour, every single day for five continuous years, you are likely to be a national expert of that skill.

The results are incredibly amazing. After this simple little trick, I must admit that I have become the most productive version of myself. As Elon Musk says: “If you work twice the hours as compared to your competition, you can have the same amount of work done in half the time.” Believe me. The most precious thing you have is your time.Have a watch on it.

Thank you for your time.

Wish you luck.



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