How I Developed Patience And How You Can

I have been working since last August, on developing a pressure sensor using nano materials. When I review the time spent by me for completing some simple tasks, it freaks me out. How on earth can someone spend his whole day just trying to measure some resistance using a software on his laptop?? But that’s the way it has been.

The main difference between talent and skill is that talent is natural while skill is developed by hours and hours of practice. You may be born with some talent but until you work super hard, your talent may not become your skill. That’s what we call a waste of talent. Actually, only skills are useful.

So is it justified to spend that precious time you have got on things where you are not getting results???

The answer to this is that it takes time.

It takes time to identify. It takes time to figure out new ways of doing things. It takes time to do something which you have never done because you have to learn, you have to repeat things again and again, and again until they work your way. If in these moments you lose your confidence, you are gone. You won’t be able to achieve much in your life this way. You must be brave enough to fight your failure.

The trick is: Start believing that eventually you are going to achieve anything you put your leg in. Now all you have to do is to figure out a way to do so. No matter how much time it takes, just go on. Try to correct yourself, and improve yourself with every single passing day. Forget about you being your biggest competition, you are your only competition. You have to be better than what you were yesterday. That’s it.

If there is one thing that you take from this post, just remember that your time has no value if you are not spending it on building yourself. So even if you are short of time, try to do things that expand your domain. Learn something that you haven’t learnt yet. It takes an incredible amount of patience in doing so, and it’s easier said than done, but if you continue giving your efforts WITH. ALL. YOUR. GODDAMN. HEART you will reach the destination one day. This is for sure.

May You Succeed.



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