Why Our Birthday Is Important

We live in a world full of lots and lots of work. We are always busy chasing our deadlines, completing our projects, etc. We have actually changed our definition of happiness. With such extreme hecticness, there arises one more issue. This particular condition I believe, is more dangerous than any other problem that results from our lifestyle. It confines our capabilities, we go about just as we are slaves of the present conditions, it limits our innovativeness. It is called Routine.

Almost all of us fall as a victim of a daily routine at some point in our lives in order to do things that we really need to do. But this restricts us thinking out of our routine, and if we start losing the grip, we also start losing the hope that ‘everything’s gonna be ok eventually’.

A few special days like our birthday could serve us relieving from this never ending cumulative process. If you are sincere enough, this day can give you a mindset of a new beginning so that you start believing from deep inside of our subconscious mind that your past cannot affect your future. So it can urge you to make new strides which else you would never set out to take.

I believe the best way to celebrate your Birthday is to develop a positive energy around yourself and know within yourself that you can go out and get what you are worth, you deserve everything that this world has to offer, taking full personal responsibility of your life.

All this came to mind this morning when I was wondering about how should I spend my day, because today is my Birthday!!


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