The Art of Going Unnoticed!

You are the average of five people you live with.

This statement is quite sensible since when we expose ourselves to others, we gain a natural tendency of changing ourselves based on the feedback we get. The feedback we receive is based on the perspective of the person who is judging us. This is the fundamental reason why we ask for feedback from the experts, since their perspective, the way they project things and predict future is far more advanced from us.

But what if all the feedbacks you receive are simply ridiculous and just based on the false perception of few jerks? This situation is terrible.

It happens when you are at a place where you are the one who raises the bar. Its extremely difficult to survive such an atmosphere, since its pretty easy for your peers to do the same job following you in a considerably less amount of time than you. It happens all the time. Generally the one who comes up with the idea, who follows the unknown path is not the one who is best known for that job. History delivers innumerable examples of such instances.

Everyone at some point in their lives falls in such a situation. I always used to wonder how to avoid this. Then I developed a strategy which I think works (at least for me) and I am sharing it here.

When I fall in such kind of situation, I break contact from the external world for some time, even for a day. I don’t listen to any of the suggestions I get, I just continue doing my work as per my aptitude. This is perhaps the natural response from all of us. Whenever we get too much irritated, we leave everything and just go away for some time. Isn’t it a great tool to recover your patience, just stop others exploring you.

We face interruptions every now and then. Most of them are useful as they direct us to some important things which need immediate attention. Whether it is a device or an individual causing it, it plays a very important role in our life. But what if you are caught in such kind of place where there is no scope for meaningful interruptions, you know by default that any interruption you face would just be a waste of time, and that you are the only one around who is not a jerk. I do feel so, quite often 😛

This is where the significance of going unnoticed arises. I call it an ART because not too many people are good at it and you have to practice it in order to master it. Go Unnoticed. Do whatever you want to do, work hard, overcome the pain, increase the energy, jump, fight, create, love, achieve, live extreme, because the there will be no better time to do so.

Wish You Luck



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