Why daydreaming doesnt work?

“So, are you a day-dreamer? STOP. This is going to ruin you.”

This is what I am reading these days. Some people out there, conducting experiments on human behavior and psychology are somehow diverted and spreading these words. Well, I absolutely dont doubt their intelligence but I really got no idea what is making those geniuses believing that.

What I experienced was just opposite of that. What I experience is that the time I am busy daydreaming is the most creative time of the day. It is the time when I come up with some insanely good ideas. It is the time which motivates me to continue doing what I am supposed to do. It makes me happy. And most of all, it is the time when I realize how wonderful this world is.

But there’s something really wrong with daydreaming. Not all people are happy daydreaming or it is like that not all people are getting the most out of it. Why?? I think I got a probable answer.

I think it is because all they do is daydreaming. No action plan. Yes, you got it. It is the only action which makes planning successful….. As we all know and blah  blah…. Well, it is never bad, imagining ourselves as the CEO of Microsoft or apple or to be at Mt. Everest, but it is surely bad if we dont link the path between the impossible and possible.

OK, very quickly. Daydreaming is not at all bad, infact it can serve you as a reason behind hard work, well not as a key because hard work aint locked 😛 But only daydreaming cant. You need an action plan and dedication. What do we need to do? All we need is to devote a little of our productive time in daydreaming and then following a plan to achieve those dreams and enjoy living our life.


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