A day to remember!!

What a day it was!!!

For everyone one of us, the day we came to this world is definitely one of  the most beautiful day. And who the hell got guts to make us down on this day!. Nobody.

Very special for me because its special for my mom too!! 😀

Our birthday is perhaps the most powerful day of our life which comes every year. You know what, I didnt knew that Google’s Doodle automatically changes on our birthday if we are signed in to Google services. This made me feel more special. And by saying powerful, I mean that the promises you make to yourself this day remains with you for a long time, atleast for me.

And surely the day becomes more awesome when exactly at 12, your friends and your roommate surprise you with Birthday cakes, yeah not cake but cakes 😀 on your heads and clothes and everywhere in the room. Really, what a day it was. And then dinner at 03:00 AM- AWESOME!!

I got under 3000 😛 Well, it really feels awesome when you reply to 100-120 people in return of the wishes they made for you. For that one day, you feel to be the most blessed person, or perhaps you are, for that day atleast.

If you are not at your home, you might feel a little lonely as me, but.. anyways.

And yeah your Birthday becomes perfect when you share your birthday with STEVE JOBS!!!


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