A Life without DEADLINES

Most of us are among those communities on earth who faces deadlines and targets in day-to-day life. We often hate these deadlines, saying they just don’t let us enjoying our life as we are always worried about completing them. Sounds fair, isn’t it? Nope. Have you ever wondered what our life would be without these so-called sucking deadlines? A bit boring, or might be a lot. Yes, in the world of no deadlines, we wont be having any pressure to complete our work on time, reducing our efficiency and thus affecting our ability to achieve  what we call success. We wont be able to know even ourselves because for most of us, last day is the most important day as we over-run our own limits that day. We wont be able to have that ‘top of the world’ feeling after completing the task, nor we would be dreaming of that feeling, which these days, drives the world for most people like me 😛 And for those who thinks deadlines don’t let them enjoy their life, the positive side is that, you’ve got a deadline, this means you’ve got a limited time and after that particular amount of time the task is not going to follow you. Summing up, Life will be too BORING in the absence of these deadlines, hence what we need to do is to embrace what we have got THE DEADLINES 😛


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