Is Social-media worth our time??

This is the era of social media. All of our friends are online, all major firms are online, work is online, leisure is online and all that we can imagine is online and yeah, if you are having a crush on a teacher then he/she is available too. But wait, is everything counted? Yes, you are right, your hair dryer left. Kidding. Well with this perception that everything from feelings and joys to satisfaction and compassion being online, we are restricting ourselves from reaching the true values of human emotions, or in simple words we are being betrayed by us. These social media interactions easily creates an illusion of joy in our mind and in most cases their absence is perceived as the absence of joy. From my own observations, for most of us, not being contacted by any of our friends even for a short while or not liking our pictures becomes a matter of great concern and we start experiencing ‘nobody likes me’, ‘I am good at nothing’ or ‘I look horrible’ like feelings. These feelings which are pretty good in decreasing our efficiency makes us believe that this world is not worth living the way it should to live a life of success. But isn’t it one side of the coin. Disconnecting ourselves from all this stuff makes us ascetic, reclusive, unfriendly or unsociable. Isn’t it like that? Yes, it is. Now a days not using these social media tools is surely a shortcoming. So the correct way to make out the best from these tools is to spend at most one-fourteenth part of our everyday working time in such activities. Exceptions are always appreciated. And the best part is the preference of human interaction over these mind-blowing tools. But yes, be sure not to go to your girlfriend’s house to ask her about the next day schedule, in that case, better continue betraying yourself.


One thought on “Is Social-media worth our time??

  1. I know my cable was out for one day, and I realized how much time I spent on the internet. Since then, I’ve made it a habit to go out and do something or get involved with someone. It’s easy to let hours pass perusing sites and chatting on social media. I don’t do much of the latter, but I sure search a lot of sites. Thanks for sharing!

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